Escape Reality’s uber-real and movie-inspired escape room games in Preston engage the hero in you, as you overcome challenges and defeat your doubts on the way to victory. Learn more about each game by clicking on the poster.


In 1934, Alcatraz transformed into a maximum high-security prison housing the most infamous and dangerous criminals. Situated in the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay, no prisoner has ever successfully escaped. Alcatraz has just reached its maximum capacity for the first time in history – because of you.
You are all masters of escaping and no prison has managed to contain you. As highly skilled individuals you have been plotting your escape plan and now the time has arrived. A diversion has been caused by other inmates and the warden has sprinted off to help, leaving you in your cells unguarded. This is your prime opportunity to make your escape attempt. Can you escape before he returns and catches you?


You and your team planned to spend a quiet night at home, when the doorbell rings. None of you are expecting anyone else to join you. At the door is a box, with no sign of who left it. Inside, there are pictures of some of your other friends bound to chairs – kidnapped.

They’ve left you instructions, the first being not to call the police or tell anyone else what is happening. You must find the money to pay their ransom and save your friends. You have 60 minutes.


Antique tales warn of blood drinking spirits residing in a castle close to the village where you and your friend have decided to go on holiday. They are called the revenants: those that have returned from the dead. It is not easy to believe that corpses of the dead can rise from their graves and wander the town, disrupting and destroying the lives of those in it until they are drawn back to their tombs. You decide to visit the castle one night and see how real these tales are. After a short time inside, you realize that maybe there is some truth to those myths…but it may already be too late for you. Find your way out from the castle, if you can.


Over the past few months there have been a series of shocking murders occurring in the area, sending shockwaves through the local community. People are starting to believe that there are links between these deaths. You have just been assigned to the case to help the current team of detectives. You quickly discover that these awful murders are in fact linked as all have been committed using the notion of the seven deadly sins. You have received a lead as to the whereabouts of the suspected serial killer and have rushed to the scene, but once you arrive you are faced with yet another gruesome murder. Can you catch the culprit before he kills again?


Your team has been hired as security guards to cover the night patrol in a famous art gallery. For the first few nights, you have seen nothing out of the ordinary. It is now the third night. Mysterious things are beginning to happen, and you’ve found yourself trapped in the gallery. What is causing these strange goings-on? Will you be able to leave?