Leeds based technical SEO agency, SALT.agency, arranged a team building excursion to Escape Reality with the task of trying to escape the Machina room.

SALT.agency split into two teams to see who could complete the tasks in the quickest time.

Unfortunately, Team 1 were unable to beat the Machina room, having failed on the latter tasks. Whilst the second team managed to conquer the room in 65 minutes.

Overall, both teams had an enjoyable afternoon in the escape room, but also learned leadership and team work skills that will impact the team on a day to day basis.

The SALT.agency event organiser Aarron Pepper said:
“We had a great time at Escape Reality! It was lots of fun working together in a different environment, alongside our company directors, especially as we were two teams competing in the same room. It got rather competitive! We hope to return this year for more team building fun, and to tackle the other available rooms.”