One of our most exciting and immersive themed rooms, Iron Kingdom is based on a fantasy world known as the Seven Kingdoms, where there exists seven noble families. However, news has spread that the new king is not in fact the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, the ruler of which controls the entire continent, a fight for which spells bloodshed and deception.

Playing in your team, you will need to to look through the myriad of maps and family trees within the kingdoms to understand who is the true heir to the Iron Throne.

A battle has broken out between the families and you must solve the clues to find the true heir and pledge your allegiance to the throne.

In teams of up to six at Escape Reality Leeds, Dubai, Chicago and Las Vegas, you can tackle the mystery of the Seven Kingdoms working together to solve the mysteries that lie within the rooms. With a mixture of puzzles and riddles, you only have 60 minutes to make your great escape and defeat the Iron Kingdom.