Across all of our Escape Reality sites, our Game Masters have noticed that there are certain types of players required to form a great escape team…

With only 60 minutes to escape the room in one of our escape games, you must gather your team of 2-6 people wisely. It takes a mixture of minds and skills to succeed in escaping. You may need to assemble the following members to make your escape room team.

The Commander

Let’s face it, if you are reading a blog about assembling an escape room team, you are probably the leader. The Commander will usually stand in the middle and orchestrate the symphony that is your team. You command respect and keep your cool even when the seconds are ticking away. You never criticise your loyal soldiers and that my friend, is why you will be in the front and centre of the victory photo.

The Searcher

If something needs to be found, they will find it. As soon as that timer starts for your escape game, The Searcher takes charge! Searching vigorously through every possible nook and cranny in the escape room to unearth valuable parts of clues and puzzles which will then be dutifully handed over to someone else. With their mission complete, The Searcher will then sit back and wait until their expert skills are needed again.

The Over Thinker

These are the only people who can look at “2+2 =?” and create a logical series of statements to get the answer “fish”. Impressive? Yes, helpful? Absolutely not. But sometimes, just sometimes, there is method in the madness. They could hold the key to your successful escape from the room.

The Under Thinker

Never underestimate an Under Thinker. While the Over Thinker is trying to remember the first 25 digits of Pi because they are convinced it holds the answer to a puzzle, the Under Thinker will tell it as it is. They are often great at the puzzles which the others will spend time over complicating. This is why you need both types of thinkers in your escape game team.

The Moral Supporter

Usually either a first-time escape room participant or a family member. The Moral Supporter makes everyone feel like they are doing an excellent job. They keep your escape game team spirits high when the going gets tough. Whether they escape or come close to escaping, this does not dampen their mood.

The Joker

We all have that friend who is just there for a laugh. They didn’t want to miss out and were not entirely sure what an escape room was. While everyone else is wracking their brain on the latest puzzle, The Joker is either joking around or trying to distract your escape room team. Don’t worry though, they bring light to an intense 60 minutes during any escape game.

The Tidy Upper

Every escape room employee’s dream. Once a puzzle has been used, The Tidy Upper puts it back in its rightful place. Teams with Tidy Upper’s in them usually do well since they have less clutter around them, which makes it easy to focus on the puzzle at hand.

So, as you assemble your team to tackle one of our escape rooms with thoughts of leader board glory in your heads, consider which type of player you are, and the players you choose for maximum efficiency!