Escape Games

So you may be wondering, what is an escape game? Why would I be interested in escape games? And most importantly, what are the best escape games? Well everybody has different opinions on what they think is the best and what features they prefer in-game, in this article we will compare escape games by looking at genuine reviews and ultimately choosing the best escape games available.

Best Escape Games

What Is An Escape Game?

An escape game also known as an ‘escape room’ is a physical adventure game in which you have to crack a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, strategy and hints. Players have a set time limit to solve all puzzles and riddles and eventually escape.

Types Of Escape Game

There are different types of escape games, for example, Linear escape games in which you have to solve the puzzles in particular progression, meaning you have to solve 1 clue before moving onto the next. Non-Linear escape games, a little more complex in nature, allowing you to solve the puzzles in no particular order,  you also can solve all puzzles simultaneously. Linear and Non-Linear escape games which are basically a mixture of the 2 above, some puzzles need solving in order, some of the puzzles can be solved simultaneously.

Why Would I Be Interested In Escape Games?

So you may be thinking why and what an escape room has to offer for you, well an escape game has a lot to offer. Its challenging, fun, exciting, thrilling and an all-out great experience for anyone involved. They have more health benefits than you could imagine, yes, you read it right, health benefits. Dopamine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that your brain releases to positively encourage beneficial actions. When you complete puzzles the brain releases dopamine at any breakthrough you achieve, this is why when we complete puzzles we feel a sense of gratification.

Dopamine has a lot of benefits to your body, these include:

  • Positive Mood
  • Sharper concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Heightened social skills

Besides the health benefits achieved from playing escape games, escape rooms also help with communication skills, problem-solving skills, developing your attention to detail, improves time management skill, its physical so it keeps you fit, they are also good to relieve stress and bond with people you love. So besides the extreme amounts of fun you have, escape games can really benefit you in a lot of different ways.

What Are The Best Escape Games

So, let’s get straight to the point, what are the best escape games today? Well to work out the best escape rooms, we will need to look into customer reviews. Based on reviews and a little bit of market research at different branches we have come up with the following list.

  1. Alcatraz
  2. Jungala
  3. Apocalypse


Alcatraz is a prison theme, based on the movie escape from Alcatraz. You take on the character of a convict who has been plotting their escape and now that time has arrived. Find the clues in this linear escape game to solve the puzzles, solve all puzzles and you are out. Below are some genuine customer reviews.

To book the Alcatraz escape room and play for yourself follow the link: Alcatraz Escape Game

Best Escape Games

Best Escape Games

Best Escape Games


Next, we are on to the Jungala themed room. This room is based around the film ‘Jumanji’ in which the story tells you about finding an old board game in your attic when you dig further into the board game it takes you to a whole other realm. You then have to complete the board game in order to get back into reality. This is a great room and a brilliant concept, truly challenging and enjoyable.

To book this escape room at Escape Reality visit the following link: Jungala Escape Game






The third and final escape game we will discuss is the apocalypse room. You and your team play as special forces agents tasked with going to a factory to find a missing team of agents, however with the deterioration of the world around you, whereby humanity is going crazy and a cannibalistic virus has spread, forcing everyone to eat each other. This will make your task as special forces agents that one bit more tricky. Dive into a world of imagination as you try and survive the apocalypse. Below is another genuine customer review pulled from Trip Advisor.

To book the apocalypse escape room and test this for yourself just follow the link. Apocalypse Escape Game.

Best Escape Games


To conclude, it’s hard to say which room is definitely the best, with so many great reviews online and so many great experiences happening every day it would be hard to put a finger on one escape game as the best.

We have tried our best to identify the best escape games based on what people think. We looked at how many positives and negatives there are for each room and created our top 3 list.

However, nobody is identical and we all enjoy divergent features and experiences differently. The best way to summon your number one escape room. Is to play them all.