Believe it or not there are many benefits to immersing yourself inside a real escape room scenario. We’ve picked out some examples of these benefits to show you which skills will be put to the test and what challenges you might have to overcome!


Exercising the brain: 

Live escape games challenge players to do something different and usual. They require people to think outside of the box and use their teamwork skills to tackle challenges which are out of the comfort zone of their mind. They require players to use lost skills that they might not have used in a while by exposing them to tricky mathematical or logical puzzles.


Competitive drive: 

With the clock counting down, knowing that there is only 60 minutes to escape the room, solving a sequence of unknown puzzles brings to life the need to get through right until the very end.



Many live escape games around the world, including Escape Reality are linear, meaning that players cannot progress until they have solved each puzzle in a certain order. Therefore, this means players will have to put their full concentration into solving the complex puzzles. It is essential they focus all of their attention on the same problem until it is solved so players can then progress onto solving the other puzzles.


Creative thinking:

Everything that players see will become a possible solution or part of a complex puzzle. Players will always be on the lookout to see if they can recognise any patterns or find things that they believe they may need at a later point.



Levels of spatial awareness will be heightened as players may need to intensely search for things and look at everything around them as being potentially full of meaning. After all, the choices of theming and objects has been carefully chosen to be in that room for a reason!


So if you’d like to put your skills to the test why not come and try to escape from one of Escape Reality’s real life escape rooms. As a great teambuilding activity you may see how people interact differently together in this unusual environment. Bring your friends and family to see how their skills can be improved upon and, in turn, contribute to the overall success of your team. Challenge yourselves to see if you will be successful in escaping in 60 minutes!