Which type of escape game

Thu 4th Aug, 2016

We have put together a short list of positions team members often fall into when making their attempts to escape the room they have immersed themselves in!
1) The dominant one:
Immediately takes charge asserting their position as leader. They have freedom set in their sights and will stop at nothing to escape in time. Whether or not they leave as the leader is another story.

2) The over thinker:
To them, every single thing in the room is a clue and is there for a reason. You may find them counting the tiles on the walls or the floorboards on the floor. Although maybe you should listen to their ideas, there might be a far fetched answer in there somewhere that proves to be a hidden gem.

3) The observer:
They will take a back seat and may appear uninterested, but they are the one that will probably notice things that the others overlook.

4) The tactical one:
Logical in their approach, they remember everything. They keep everyone else on track, attempting to get everybody to focus their attention on the most effective task.

5) The aggressive one:
All they want in the world during those 60 minute is to escape as quickly as possible. They want to be the record breaker, taking their position at the top of the leader board.

6) The one that distances themselves:
They act as if they are separate from the group, taking on their own private role in the puzzle solving process. Any unsuccessful attempts to solve puzzles will never be their fault.

7) The dark horse:
They may, at times, appear uninterested or unable to provide a correct answer. However, they are prone to moments of success, where out of nowhere they will casually tell everybody the right answer.

8) The bemused one:
Has no idea what they are meant to be doing or why they are there, but enjoy their time nonetheless.


In your live escape game experience, you will quickly be able to see who takes which role in your team. Whether you are taking part in a corporate team building activity or spending time with friends of family, once immersed inside a real escape room we hope a leader will emerge and everybody can work together to successfully escape within the 60 minutes!

The Escape Reality experience is also perfect for birthday parties or stag and hen parties in Cardiff! Our spacious bar and social area provides the perfect setting to talk team tactics and celebrate your escape victories!

So which type of escape room player will you be? You’ll be able to find out soon!

Book now at our Cardiff branch to put your escaping skills to the test!

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