This is no April Fools…

Fri 31st Mar, 2017

Are you planning your best April Fools prank? Some say that it doesn’t count if you try and trick somebody after midday so hopefully you’ve planned your mission for the morning!

April fool’s day actually began hundreds of years ago when the calendar was changed to the Gregorian Calendar (the one we use today). This meant we all began celebrating New Year’s Day on 1st January rather than 1st April. Those who hadn’t got the memo were dubbed as fools! This is the starting point from which it eventually developed into the one day a year when we all turn into master tricksters on the first day of April.

So, if someone asks you to do something unusual at Escape Reality, don’t panic, we’re not going to trick you. If you are invited by a friend to be locked inside a room for 60 minutes with no means of immediate escape. Then don’t worry, this is no April Fools!

At Escape Reality you will be immersed inside a real life situation where you have only 60 minutes to escape by solving a series of challenging puzzles and tasks.

Each site has multiple rooms to choose from so choose your adventure wisely!