13:09 – Fri 03rd Nov 2017

Bonfire Night with Escape Reality

With winter quickly approaching, there’s no shortage of seasonal holidays coming up and Bonfire Night is just one of them. Every year we leave the warmth of our houses to go and enjoy the heat of a bonfire and the explosion of fireworks with our friends and families. How about you celebrate with E…

14:57 – Mon 23rd Oct 2017

5 ways to escape reality in our escape rooms

Take a break from the daily grind for a moment and into Escape Reality and our immersive escape rooms. We’re going to be giving you a few tips on how playing our escape rooms can help you to relax and unwind.   1) Grab a drink with friends Meeting up with your friends is a… Read more &r…

11:03 – Fri 20th Oct 2017

Other places to visit in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the largest tourist hubs in Scotland, with a vast variety of different activities that can be fun for all ages. We wanted to put together a list of additional attractions that would be great to tie in either before or after your escape game. At Escape Reality Glasgow we have 5… R…

15:59 – Tue 17th Oct 2017

A Halloween Haunting at Escape Reality

Celebrate Halloween this year at Escape Reality! If you’re looking for something different to do this Halloween then we are the perfect destination to add that little bit of extra fright into this ghostly time of the year. Immerse yourselves inside one of our escape game experiences and complete a…

16:25 – Mon 09th Oct 2017

Escape Reality Coventry

Our Coventry branch opened their doors back in June and since then there has been numerous escape room records broken by the many teams that have taken on their escape challenges. Escape Reality Coventry has 6 unique and immersive escape rooms. Two of the escape games, Scarlett and The Asylum made t…

11:12 – Tue 03rd Oct 2017

Escape Reality Chicago is America’s second branch

On 30th August we had our grand opening launch party! Over the past month we have had plenty of great teams through the doors who have taken on our escape room missions! Escape Reality Chicago is the second escape room location we have opened in America, the first being in Las Vegas. You will have…..

16:53 – Fri 22nd Sep 2017

Edinburgh marks the second Escape Reality branch in Scotland

After the success of Escape Reality Glasgow we have opened a branch in Edinburgh! We officially opened our doors on Friday 15th September, with our launch party taking place the evening before. So we would like to say a big thanks to all who attended our launch party on Thursday 14th September. It w…

12:40 – Thu 21st Sep 2017

Upcoming events in Cardiff

At Escape Reality Cardiff there are six fun and immersive escape games waiting for you and your family or friends to try. Take on the challenges in one of the highly themed escape rooms in Cardiff for an experience you won’t forget! Have you ever wanted to escape Alcatraz? Better yet, can you es…

13:16 – Tue 06th Jun 2017

Escape Reality is open in Las Vegas!

Escape Reality has expanded to Las Vegas with 7 escape rooms, 1 of which is a brand new escape game currently not in any of our other sites!   The branch is located on Arville St between Hacienda and Tropicana, only 5 minutes from the Strip. The 7 exciting movie inspired escape rooms are availa…

12:31 – Mon 22nd May 2017

7 Months of Escape Reality Leicester!

  Escape Reality Leicester has now been open for over 7 months! Within that time there have been plenty of teams through the doors who have experienced our escape rooms. At Escape Reality Leicester there are currently 5 unique and immersive escape room experiences available. Two of the escape g…